Thanks to the control of the parallelism of the columns in the die-casting and injection presses, it is possible to guarantee their perfect functioning at all times. We use the sophisticated German QE100W set of Gefran instruments to measure the parallelism of the presses and to verify the correct column extensions.
Like the welded strain gauges, the QE100W magnetic pressure deformation sensors are able to directly measure surface deformation at the mounting point.
The compact set is ready in just a few minutes and allows alignment of molding machines in the shortest possible time.
The QE1008W installs in seconds and does not require cables. The device presses the strain gauges on the surface to be measured with such force that the friction replaces the welding normally used to secure the strain gauges. Mounting is very quick and the strain gauge is protected.
The built-in amplifier and wireless module make this unit a latest generation sensor featuring exclusive features and great ease of use.
The QE1008W set allows quick alignment of structures (e.g. presses) with 4 columns, without the use of torque wrenches or other tools.
• Column bending detection (= detection of possible column fracture)
• Used on presses and injection molding machines or die casting machines
• One system for all column diameters
• Very high precision (as for welded strain gauges)
• The deformation value measured directly in με, kN or tons

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